Plamsa SABER Ver.2

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 Plasma SABER  Ver.2


Product description

Size: Handle 10 inches . blade 2 ft 3 inches ,total length 3 ft 4 inches.

​Blade out diameter:(1inch)    


RGB Colors Hilt Force FX Heavy Dueling Plasma Sabers

How to Change the Colors.

1.Hold the button down for 2 seconds or 2 vibrations and release your finger.

2.Hold the button down again immediately to changing colors.

3.Release your finger to select the colors you prefer.

Hilt Force FX Heavy Dueling Light Sabers with 6 Sounds


How to Changing Sound Fonts:

1.When the lightsaber is off, press and hold the button until you hear the confirmation sound.

2.Repeat to cycle through the sound fonts. Each sound font has a different confirmation sound.

Lightsaber Effects (when the lightsaber is on):

1.Blaster sound – tap the button

2.Lock up loop – hold the button down for 1 second or 1vibration and release your finger. Then tap the button to active lock up. Tap again to end the lock-up loop.

3.Flash-on-clash – the lightsaber will automatically flash white and emit a sound when it hits something.


Metal Light Sabers

Light saber handle is made of aluminum alloy, .When you hold it, it will make you feel excited because of its smooth metal handle.When you wave it, it is like a real saber.


Removeable Light Sabers

The blade is very strong,removeable.Blade is heavy grade 1 inch and 2 mm pipe wall thickness,you can do dueling.


Comfortable to Hold

The hilt is comfortable to hold, and easy to grip, and just the right length for one or two hands.


Wide Application

You can use this saber for prop and cosplay. It is a decent size all around and is perfect for play or for costume.


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